Spot ON Translations

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a translation memory?

    A translation memory or TM is a database in which source and target languages are stored together during the translation process. If the sentence recurs in a translation, the stored translation is automatically displayed to the translator. This speeds up the translation process and ensures consistency during translation.

  • What is localisation?

    With localisation, the text is adapted to the specific customs and culture of the country for which the translation is used. For example, certain legislation has a different name in Belgium than in the Netherlands. The translator will then take this into account.

  • Why use a translation agency?

    A translation agency takes over the entire translation process and knows how to match the right translator to your assignment. Human translations are better than machine translations, because they take into account tone of voice, among other things. This way you are assured of quality and meeting your deadline.

  • Can you also check texts?

    Certainly, we also offer text revision. This is done on the basis of an hourly rate; depending on the quality, a translator will need more or less time.

  • Do you translate from and into all languages?

    Yes, our network of translators covers almost all language combinations. If you have a rare combination, we will also find a solution. If necessary, with an intermediate translation. We always find a solution.